Windsor Fish & Game

Here at Windsor Fish & Game we offer a well-rounded way for you to enjoy your Outdoor Sporting Experience. Our facility is in the beautiful country side of lower York County, PA. We offer clean facilities that are secure as all safety concerns have been addressed to assure a fun time every time. We are quite possibly the oldest continuing operational "Private Gun Club" in York county (if not SE Pennsylvania).

Windsor Fish & Game is a private club, however our membership is open and we always welcome new members. All new members are encouraged to apply in person at one of our scheduled monthly meetings.


Our rifle range is 200 yards, with target stands at 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards. No calibers over .50 BMG are allowed at our range. See posted Range Rules for specifics.


Our new covered pistol range allows shooters to engage a variety of steel targets at a variety of distances. The pistol range is restricted to pistol caliber weapons only with the exception of .22 caliber weapons. No rifle calibers above .22 cal are allowed on this range with no exceptions. Steel targets are to be shot at 25 feet and above and all shooting must be done from the firing line at the front of the pavilion. This is for everyone's safety and there are no exceptions to this rule. No cross firing is allowed on the pistol range. This means each shot fired must be fired straight ahead perpendicular to the firing line. This reduces the risk of rounds leaving the range.